Working as a water specialist for over a decade, Scott has been Bigtree Landscaping since 2009. He has lived in the valley his whole life becoming very familiar with the climate and needs of the landscaping. Scott has established himself as one of the best water specialists and our customers are fortunate to have him on our team. Scott is not only experienced with all simple sprinkler systems, but he also handles the high technological sprinkler systems like Calesense and Rainbird. These automated systems can all be monitored from remote locations. Scott installs advanced systems that regulate flow control, large scale government projects and simple solar clocks on individual homes.

 With 22 years experience in landscape management, Jared is the proud owner of Bigtree Landscaping. He graduated from ASU in business administration and is a licensed commercial and residential contractor. Although Bigtree was not official until 2003, Jared's experience with commercial lawns began in 1997. He handles mass quantities of properties and employees effortlessly although the majority of his expertise is in the management of large landscape projects.  

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chaz  larson

Chaz has been with Bigtree Landscaping since July 2007. He has an extensive background in plumbing and landscape maintenance and installation. Prior to working at Bigtree he was a maintenance and installation Assistant Manager with

another landscape company.  He currently serves as Bigtree’s maintenance and installation manager over 8 crews. He has his Associate’s degree in a  horticulture program specializing in landscape Installation and design. Chaz’s work ethic and attention to detail has been a huge asset to Bigtree’s success. 

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